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SANCTUARY is currently having a break 

We hope to be back in Sept 2020. In the meantime please do explore our website and images from previous years


The Dark Star Lounge
The Dark Star Lounge

Sanctuary is a 24-hour site-specific public art event that explores what happens when environment, art, technology, science and culture meet. Sanctuary creates an experimental space for new work ranging from performance and interactive installations to sound works, video projections and radio transmissions. Artists and audience come together for 24 hours to form a temporary community within the Galloway Dark Skies Park in Dumfries and Galloway. The combination of the landscape, the art and the people make thjjjj a unique event and we’re looking forward to meeting you at Sanctuary this September.

Thanks to all who came to what was a a dramatic Sanctuary 2017. The rain couldn’t dampen spirits and Saturday night was warm and clear; great artworks, intriguing talks, new conversations and connections. A great night. Sunday was torrential rain and the campsite flooded. We hope all who were caught in it got home safely, dried out and despite the wet ending, are glad they made the journey. The dramatic weather brought challenges for artists and visitors alike but everyone remained in good humour – so a massive thanks to you all.

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NEW ! Contribute to R—each our online project collecting darkness, remoteness and silence from around the world. Artist Tim Shaw will be bringing all contributions to Sanctuary in his work Going Dark

SANCTUARY – Exploring Light, Dark, Technology and Place

The Galloway Dark Skies Park is a specially designated area that is low in light pollution and Sanctuary takes place within the park. Remote, beautiful and mostly ‘electronically dark’, It is a sanctuary from both light pollution and world wide connectedness.

“One of the great things about this event is the interaction, the unplanned, unexpected meetings and conversations that lead to exciting new combinations of ideas and concepts, new synergies” Ben Ponton. Sound artist – Sanctuary 2014

  • Dark/Light:
    Sanctuary explores darkness and light in the Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park with installations and performance, using both visible and non visible elements of the light spectrum.
  • Making new connections: exploring electronic darkness:
    Much of the Dark Skies Park is ‘electronically’ dark and disconnected from the outside world. There is a new form of darkness here where we are invisible to communication networks and where what we do and where we are is unknown. At Sanctuary we create an experimental space to investigate ideas about our relationship with technology, journeying to a landscape beyond the networks reach and exploring the possibilities that are available in this new form of darkness… Welcome. You don’t exist anywhere else.
  • The Dark Outside FM radio broadcast: A key element of Sanctuary is The Dark Outside FM radio broadcast. Sound artist Frenchbloke, curates 24 hours of previously unheard music and soundBring a Radio donated exclusively for The Dark Outside FM by musicians and producers from all over the world. The site-specific transmission is of specially composed work, forgotten recordings and alternate versions of existing work, none of which had been heard in public before and which are deleted after the event.  See The Dark Outside FM ”If you’ve never experienced the sound of hundreds of different kinds of radios covering slightly different frequencies all playing the same thing then you are in for a treat” Frenchbloke. Curator, The Dark Outside FM.

In 2017 Sanctuary welcomed over 25 artists as well as hosting interactive experiments, talks, workshops and open conversations. In 2017 Sanctuary explored locations, journeys and signals



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Sanctuary took a break in 2016

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