Events for Families

The interactive installations at Sanctuary will appeal to all ages, but we also have events designed especially for families.

Dark Sky Experimental Rocket Lab – Elizabeth Tindel, Dark Sky Ranger

1:30 to 4pm (Saturday) Meet at The Dark Star Lounge

nasa-1A Dark Sky Rocket Lab. This is your opportunity to join Elizabeth Tindel, Dark Sky Ranger, in experimenting with making and launching home made rockets. You can make simple paper rockets, fizzing rockets and if you bring a plastic bottle with you Elizabeth will help you turn it into a rocket. There will be a launch pad to from which to launch your rockets high into the sky. Suitable for all ages.


Dynamo’ Torch hunt & build – John Ferguson

5pm. Starts from the McMoab rocks following Oceanallover’s performance

Incorporating aspects of technology, sustainability, communication; co-operation,and basic orienteering. A time-limited activity for 20 participants which will involve reading clue cards with grid references in order to find the parts required to build a torch. Once gathered, participants will return to the starting point where they will work together to assemble the torches. The activity will start at 5pm form Mc Moab Rocks with a break at 5.30pm for snacks and then the torches will be assembled  from 6.30 pm, close to dusk so that it’s a race against time to get the torches working before dark.  Finally the group will use the torches to create various constellations which can be seen at that time of year such as the Plough or Pegasus.

For young families. Limited places, please book via Eventbrite HERE

John Ferguson is a teacher and experimental electronic musician based in Dumfries and Galloway.


3pm.The Dark Inside Venue 

When you think of light, do you think of just what your eyes can see? The light to which our eyes are sensitive is just a fraction of the total amount of light that exists in the universe and which surrounds us all. Just like there are sounds that human ears can’t hear, there is a large spectrum of light that human eyes can’t see.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the term used by scientists to describe this entire range of light that exists and includes Gamma Rays, X-rays, UV Rays, Microwaves and Radio waves and also INFRARED – which is the focus of Graham Rooneys talk.Graham will explore the themes of visible and invisible light and the electromagnetic spectrum; from the discovery of infrared in 1800 to its significance in the present day and how we can discover this thermal landscape with the use of amazing infrared camera systems.

Aimed primarily for the younger audience aged 6 – 12 at Sanctuary  2017 (although adults are of course welcome!) the talk aims to give a  glimpse into the infrared world and how it works, and with some interactive experiments with thermal cameras along the way hopes to prove that physics is fun!

Graham Rooney is a professional thermographer: He has worked with infrared technology in energy conservation projects around the world for over 20 years. The “aye are collective” uses thermal camera systems as a creative medium to document the energy of people and the environments they occupy.

Dark Heart of Cepheus – Rachel Rosen

Noon 23rd – Noon 24th September. Information in The Dark Star Lounge

An artwork that is experienced by tracing the abstract form of star constellation Cepheus. Visible simply as markers for each star (with a cache of star related things to look at), it’s experienced by people walking between these star points. As each star is visited, a ‘ground constellation’ is traced by ‘sky walking’ between them. Every walk will be different, stars visited in different sequences, discovered alone or in crowds. There is room for contemplation, curiosity and fun. We become constellation makers.

Rachel Rosen works across mediums of sculpture/ installation and theatre design/performance, often in outdoor settings. Her work explores concepts of space, time and human senses.