The Dark Outside FM


Sound artist Frenchbloke, curates 24 hours of previously unheard music donated exclusively for The Dark Outside FM  by musicians and producers from all over the world. The site-specific radio transmission is of specially composed work, forgotten recordings and alternate versions of existing work, none of which have been heard in public before. These sound works are on air for the duration of the broadcast, then deleted. They may never be heard again.

Tune into 87.7 FM. Listen in your car, or on a portable radio. Visit The Dark Outside FM broadcast HQ at the top of Murray’s Monument for a friendly chat, and a fantastic view.

The Dark Outside FM radio broadcast can only be heard by travelling to the site with a radio, there is no streaming or recording and all files are deleted after being played.

The Dark Outside FM is exploring a new way of working in a remote area with digital contributions from artists from all over the world. In 2015 and 2017 over 200 artists worldwide contributed new digital works to The Dark Outside FM   Click through for contributing artists 2015

For ongoing information on The Dark Outside FM see Frenchblokes blog

 ” If you’ve never experienced the sound of hundreds of different kinds of radios covering slightly different frequencies in the audio spectrum all playing the same thing then you are in for a treat” Frenchbloke. Curator, The Dark Outside FM

The Dark Outside FM HQ