Sanctuary 2017

SANCTUARY 2017 is Live!

First artists announced:

‘Sing the Gloaming’  –  Simon Kirby | Tommy Perman | Rob St John
‘24hr Community Composition’  – David Bloor
‘Lionra: Spun Tales, Tangled Webs’ – Ruaridh Law, Eleanor Thomson and David Donnelly
‘Cut Adrift’ –  Mark Haddon
‘WhiteMill’  – Mark Zygadlo
‘Hide (night moves)’  – Natalie Marr
‘Prototype IV, bicycle photosynthesis’– Lucien Anderson
“Telemetry’  – Yann Seznec
‘Listen very carefully for I shall tell you this only once” – Neale Willis
‘Will o The Wisp’  – Martin O’Neil
‘Dark Heart of Cepheus’  – Rachel Rosen
‘Confiding  Dark’ – David Borthwick I Kirstin McMahon
‘Tenebrous – Into the Darkness Beneath the Light’ –  John Bowers I Alan Smith
Concursum Photographic Collective

More artists, talks and family workshops to be announced soon and please check out our current opportunities below.


  • 2 commissions for young artists from or based in Dumfries and Galloway. More information HERE
  • Creative Evaluation Commission. More information HERE
  • Internships (18-25 year olds) More information HERE
  • Call out for re – scores of Jean-Gabriel Périots amazing film study of Hiroshima 1914 – 2006. More information HERE