Contribute Darkness, Silence or Remoteness….

R—each is an exciting new project for Sanctuary 2017. It’s an online portal that collects creative online contributions from around the world which are then used to create an offline artwork at Sanctuary. R—each will go offline for 24 hours from Noon on 23rd September. In order to witness the offline work you must travel to Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park to be present.

This year artist Tim Shaw will be using your contributions to make a new work at Sanctuary: Going Dark so please get involved and send your contributins via the R—each portal.

Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness is an exploration of what it is to be women, alone, in darkness, in self defined ideas of wilderness, real and imagined.

The spoken word performance of the piece will happen at varying points of shelter, observation and darkness and will reflect the complex layers of the thoughts of women on their place in the world when outside.

Contribute to the work HERE

Clare Archibald is a Scottish writer interested in the interplay of form and the potential of collaboration. Her work can be found here:

Digital Decontamination Portal. Collective Nonsense. Image: Alison Boyes

SANCTUARY Lab is offering two opportunities for young people to create experimental work for this year’s event – 23rd/24th September 2017

The opportunity is open to young people (artists or anyone with a creative idea for the event aged 18 – 25) who are based in, or from Dumfries and Galloway. We are open to ideas across all art forms; visual art, performance, literature, digital media or anything else that engages with the site and audience. We are looking for an approach that fits into the ethos of Sanctuary and adds something extra to the experience of the event. We have no preconceptions about the form the work might take – surprise us!

For each commissioned idea: £1000 inclusive of fee, materials, travel and expenses.

More information on the opportunity:   FURTHER INFORMATION

Funded by the Holywood Trust

Murmurate. Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal. Image: Alison Boyes

Sanctuary 2017 is offering a commission for an artist or artists to undertake a creative evaluation of this year’s event.

We are seeking proposals for innovative strategies for the collection of information/material onsite that allows us insight into the journey and experience of the Sanctuary audience and artists. The process of engaging with the audience and artists is as much part of the artwork as the final outcome and the information gathered.


Budget – £1000 inclusive of fee, materials, travel and expenses. Submission deadline: 5pm 4th August 2017

See for more information.

Commission supported by Creative Scotland

Enclosure. Robbie Coleman. Image Alison Boyes

23rd / 24th September

Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park
Talnotry, Nr Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway DG8 7BL

Deeper              –             Darker
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First artists announced:

‘Sing the Gloaming’  –  Simon Kirby | Tommy Perman | Rob St John
‘24hr Community Composition’  – David Bloor
‘Lionra: Spun Tales, Tangled Webs’ – Ruaridh Law, Eleanor Thomson and David Donnelly
‘Cut Adrift’ –  Mark Haddon
‘White Mill’  – Mark Zygadlo
‘Hide (night moves)’  – Natalie Marr
“Prototype IV, bicycle photosynthesis”  – Lucien Anderson
“Telemetry”  – Yann Seznec
“Listen very carefully for I shall tell you this only once” – Neale Willis
‘Will o The Wisp’  – Martin O’Neil
‘Dark Heart of Cepheus’  – Rachel Rosen
‘Confiding  Dark’ – David Borthwick I Kirstin McMahon
‘Tenebrous – Into the Darkness Beneath the Light’ –  John Bowers I Alan Smith
Concursum Photographic Collective

Plus The Dark Outside FM :

More artists, talks and family workshops to be announced soon.
Please check out our current opportunities at :

More info on Sanctuary :

Looking forward to seeing you in September.

BrokenLight. Broken20. Image: Alison Boyes
BrokenLight. Broken20. Image: Alison Boyes

Call out for ideas for labs, hacks, experiments, talks, walks, workshops, participatory artworks, games and investigations for Sanctuary 2017

We’re looking for ideas that explore any of the following… light, dark, remoteness, networks, place, senses, technology, environment, being present in an unconnected place.

The site is remote, not just from population centres but also from communication and power networks.  This remoteness gives artists and visitors the space to consider both the environment and the absence of pervasive contemporary technologies.

Sanctuary takes place on September 23rd and 24th. At this stage we are looking for outline ideas. We hope be able to provide funds to bring selected ideas to Sanctuary. The finances on offer to support successful submissions will be confirmed at a later date.

Please note Sanctuary is off grid so there are practical limitations on the use of power. Sanctuary takes place in a Dark Skies Park so visible light should be kept to a minimum.

Please send ideas ASAP – by 10th Feb at latest to

forbiddenplanet-spaceshipWell we couldnt just sit about and do nothing this year, so we’re doing this ….

An evening exploring darkness, space and technology; film screening, virtual reality experience, fireside discussion & star-gazing walk

Join us for an outdoor screening of the classic 1950’s science fiction movie Forbidden Planet. Following the film, take part in a fireside discussion on technology; past, present and future and experience the latest virtual reality technology or take a journey into darkness on a guided night-time star-walk.

23rd Sept at Talnotry, the Sanctuary site

Image: Seth Tisue

Sanctuary’s signature neon installation, Enclosure, last year attracted hundreds of bats. Freda Seddon from Dumfries and Galloway Bat Group will lead  a walk to the installation for a sonic experience using bat detectors to tune into the echolocation calls of the bats as they swoop over the installation catching insects. This really is a unique experience and not to be missed.

Meet 7.30pm at Murray’s monument Car Park

More at

Please note there is no access to the high voltage neon installation unless in an accompanied group.