Dancing the Troposphere will be an experiment, a ceremony and an installation. A performative technological ritual that attempts to put us into spiritual communication with a complex environmental entity.

At Sanctuary 2017, a large ‘aerostat’ will be sent into the sky above the Galloway Dark Skies Forest. Meanwhile, far below a group of costumed participants will dance to a repetitive beat.

This simple beat will fluctuate according to atmospheric data sampled from the aerostat’s ascent into the Troposphere. Simultaneously, overhead in the expanse of night sky, a light signal will be generated from the heartbeats of the dancers.

Silas Parry is a Scottish artist whose work explores non-human entities, a rapidly changing ecology, and science-fiction futures. He was a 2016 recipient of the Edinburgh Emerging Artists Bursary, and has recently returned from two Japanese residencies, Shiro Oni and Studio Kura (supported by Hope Scott Trust and The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation). Silas has exhibited work in the UK and across Europe.