Confiding Dark – David Borthwick & Kirstin McMahon

We are seekers of stories and tales, of glimmers and fleeting sparks of insight—and you are their source. We will be roving Sanctuary by twilight and full dark, recording your anecdotes and observations of time spent in darkness, or in moonlight. Tell us something you remember about the dark, or why you are drawn to it. Talk to us about your memories and relationship with moonlight, or twilit places. All of those travelling to Sanctuary bring to a single location a multitude of stories, flares of thought, encounters with dark. We invite you to share these with us. Your story will earn a receipt to acknowledge your submission to the archive of the confiding dark.

Dave Borthwick is a tramper of fields and stander in the rain, a poet who also leads the Environment, Culture and Communication programme at the University of Glasgow’s rural campus in Dumfries.

Kirstin McMahon is a Cinematographer by trade, looking for the light in the dark, and the dark in the light