Dark Heart of Cepheus – Rachel Rosen

An artwork that is experienced by tracing the abstract form of star constellation Cepheus. Visible simply as markers for each star (with a cache of star related things to look at), it’s form is really that which exists in space and time, realised experientially by people walking between these star points. As each star is visited, a ‘ground constellation’ is traced by ‘sky walking’ between them. Every walk will be different, stars visited in different sequences, discovered alone or in crowds. There is room for contemplation, curiosity and fun. We become constellation makers.


Rachel Rosen works across mediums of sculpture/ installation and theatre design/performance, often in outdoor settings. Her work explores concepts of space, time and human senses. Her materials are most often found and partially reworked, exhibiting the passage of time and the elements; her concerns are to question our relationship to what is around us and how we experience what we experience. In recent years she has experimented with sound and light interventions. http://www.scrapyardqueen.com