Hide (night moves) – Natalie Marr & David Ashley Pearson

Between dusk and the early hours of the morning Hide will enable visitors to tune in to the sounds of the forest at night. Via a live feed from a series of microphones placed deep within the forest listeners can experience the rich sonic atmospheres of this special environment.

A central mixing board will allow you to explore and personalise the sound, encouraging a deep listening that aims to enchant and estrange. When humans are absent from the forest floor what other creatures emerge, what other ways of being come to the fore?

Natalie Marr is an artist and researcher based in Glasgow. She works across video, sound and performance, with a special interest in science fiction narratives, and the creative tensions at the thresholds of the imagined and the experienced. She is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Glasgow focused on the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, its unique approach to dark skies practice, and the various communities that shape and sustain it.

David Ashley Pearson works across sound design and performance. Recently he designed and mixed the soundtrack for ‘Visitor’, an experimental short film by Natalie Marr that explores stargazing through the lens of the personal; due to be released later this year. David is particularly interested in improvisation, acoustics and the physicality of sound. His approach to sound design and performance is ever changing but is underpinned by a curiosity for its substance and a passion for musical exploration.