Listen very carefully for I shall tell you this only once – Neale Willis

What if things could speak? What would they tell us? Or are they speaking already and we just don’t hear them?” asked Hito Steyerl.

Building on ‘What Language The Fox’ shown at Allenheads Contemporary Arts’ ‘As Above So Below’, “Listen very carefully for I shall tell you this only once” seeks out data from the surrounding landscape, moulding it into an almost tangible language. By addressing the place from where the data came with this new-found voice it intends to reveal what is hidden or simply not there.

Two distinct sections make up the piece – the first taking place during daylight hours, participants explore the land surrounding Sanctuary 2017 searching for a potential source of data before returning to camp to interpret and enter this collected data into a bespoke program.

The program then processes this information and generates a language of sorts with which to address the land from where the data came as darkness creeps in.

Meet 3pm at The Dark Star Lounge to explore the site and collect data with Neale

Neale Willis is particularly interested in creating conflict between what enters the machine and what leaves it. He manipulates data to create ambiguities within the certainties of the digital realm, breeding uncertainty from the usually reassuring definite of binary data and letting repetition and replication take form as a rhythm from the space in-between the known and unknown.