Sea Hames – Oceanallover

Sea Hames’ is the latest site specific performance project from leading physical theatre and street performance company Oceanallover. This multi-disciplinary performance fuses sonic composition, physical theatre and costume design to explore the mythology and iconography of horses through traditions such as harness making, plough and dance. As part of Sanctuary Oceanallover will bring Sea Hames and are keen to collaborate with Dark Outside FM as an integral part of the live performance; a live broadcast of sound that integrates into the performance, both performance and sound forming a continuation of the journey across the landscape.

Oceanallover are also working in conjunction with Orkney Museums, Dance Base, Dalkeith Estate, Crawick Artland Trust, Manipulate Festival, Threave Gardens,  Neilston Community Windfarm, The Waterworks Barrhead and Dance International Glasgow to present Sea Hames during 2017/18.

Oceanallover make visceral outdoor performance for site-specific locations and perform in both urban and remote landscapes. Their work is visually arresting and philosophically stimulating making use of original and innovative costume design, gripping theatricality and evocative music to create emotional and memorable performance events.