Wave Decay – Katie Anderson & Justin K Prim

Wave Decay is an experimental sound and sculptural installation, exploring ideas of time and decay, a meditation on the experience of listening in the environment, on rediscovering and connecting place through sound.

In physical form, the work is made up of a 8 way sound system with large sculptural speaker horns. The speakers play steady tonal notes, which audibly appear to change as the participant moves around the installation.

We see Wave Decay as the creation of a temporary exploration space; understanding place through listening and ‘being present’. By altering one of our senses – hearing – we hope to create new connections to our immediate environment and the idea of being; of a moment in time and of a place.

Sunday 24th September. 8am – 12noon. McMoab Rock

Katie Anderson is an artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice. Working through installation, sculpture, and ‘a more public art’, she continuously questions the role of art as a means of exploration, communication and exchange of ideas.


Justin K Prim is an artist, musician, author, and spiritual healer from San Francisco, California. He has spent the last 12 years exploring the metaphysics of sound through self-recorded albums of vocal-based long-form loop music under the moniker Justinus Primitive. He is a professionally trained Audio Engineer and Spiritual Medium and he combines both of these passions into a unique and creative exploration of the universe.