Fallow: Emma Jayne Park

For the past seven years, dance artist Emma Jayne Park has had an overwhelming urge to dig a hole in the ground and climb into it.  An urge to pause, settle, nourish and regenerate.  What if we were to take the principles of fallowing the land, and apply them to ourselves as living landscapes.  

With a focus on rest rhythms in nature, embodied anti-capitalism and her journey through living with chronic pain, join Emma as she shares the research so far and invites you to create your own personal system of applying the ideas of fallow time into your world, using movement scores designed for the natural environment as a way to manipulate time, focus and energy.  The session will involve approximately 30 minutes of conversation and 30 minutes of moving individually in the landscape. People are invited to move as much or as little as they choose and are welcome to join the session as many times as they wish.

Saturday 3pm and 4.30pm.

Emma Jayne Park is a Dancer, Theatre Maker, Collaborator and Micro-Activist.