Guided by Environment: Galloway Forest: Jenna Macrory

With the majority of us being confined to our homes for the previous year, we have become more conscious of our surroundings. Considering the effects of environmental psychology, Jenna began exploring this concept through music. Guided by Environment is a series of songs composed entirely from field recordings. Based in Dumfries and Galloway, field recordings are taken from various locations around the region before being manipulated electronically into organic dance music. 

For Sanctuary, a new series of songs will be composed from the surrounding site. Using field recordings that hint at the texture of the landscape, the captured sounds will be recycled to make a unique set of tracks which will then be played intimately to the listener through wireless headphones. Through this listening experience, participants are invited to question where the manipulated sounds were originally derived from. As a result of this, an initial dialogue is instigated around environmental aesthetics and how humans interact with nature. Do we experience the environment as something for us to inhabit or are we part of the environment we exist in?

Performances at McMoab Rocks:
Saturday 4pm, 6pm and 8.30pm
Sunday 2.30pm and 4.00pm

With a background in traditional music, covid-19 restrictions forced Dumfries born guitarist Jenna Macrory (Jen Mac) to adapt to a completely new music industry. Finding a new focus as an electronic music producer, Jen Mac uses sampling to obtain gritty textures and while drawing attention to social and cultural issues such as environmental and LGBTQ+ issues. Jen Mac’s unique approach to manipulating sampled materials contributes to her unique genre subverting tone.


Guided by Environment is Sanctuary Young Person’s commission and is supported by the Holywood Trust