filigree traces: Louise Harris

filigree traces is a site-specific, participative walking-in-sound work designed to encourage visitors to engage with the shapes, forms, patterns and experience of their environment and how they might think through and explore these in sound and body.

Distributed around the park, in fixed and contrasting locations that require exploring different environments, will be a series of music boxes that visitors can either find by chance or use a map to locate. Visitors will be given a roll of music box paper and a hole punch to use to document their journey through the park in whatever way they wish; they can then play these at each of the music boxes they find. The intention – through both the action of participants and the fixed music box stations – is to create soft, slender traces and fragments of sound and music that permeate the park, catching the ear of visitors as they move through their surroundings and shaping their audiovisual experience of the environment.

Louise Harris is an audiovisual composer and Senior Lecturer in Sonic and Audiovisual Practices at The University of Glasgow. In her creative work, she specialises in the creation and exploration of audiovisual relationships in fixed media, performance and installation contexts. In her written scholarship, she writes about the nature of perception and action in audiovisual experience, most extensively in her recently published monograph, Composing Audiovisually (2021).


Sanctuary 2021. Images Bart Photography