Strange Loop: Jamie Wardrop and Sita Pieraccini

Strange Loop is an immersive and meditative experience from theatre makers, Jamie Wardrop and Sita Pieraccini, a cosmic collage inspired by the sights and sounds of Sanctuary’s living biome. We welcome you into a world within a world, co-created, with you!

“..there are myriad forms and hundreds of blades of grass in the entirety of space, but you should also realize that the entirety of space is within each single blade of grass, each single form. The perception of this oscillating interdependence is the beginning.”

Dōgen Kigen, Zen Philosopher

Starting out at our Salon, we will set out on a walk and a listening exercise to create an alternative mapping of the landscape: a loop around the different ecologies of the site to gather natural materials – an opportunity to slow down and examine what is around us: seeds, grasses, flowers, whatever we uncover..these discoveries we will take back with us and become the focus for later exploration.

Once having returned to the Salon, AV and sound equipment will be available for creation and play. Through the use of live stream digital microscopes and the improvisatory techniques of the sound artist and VJ, we invite you to join us in collaborative communion with the local environment. Under the lens of the microscopes we will experiment with how to reveal the hidden worlds of our samples and craft live compositions.

By dusk we will be ready for our DIY jam and performance, retracing the journey we have made earlier in the day. Our small and delicate finds will become projected large in a stream of unfolding imagery with sound and vocal improvisation from Sita.

The event consists of two parts:

2:30pm – 4pm A walk around the site to gather materials.

BREAK to explore other atworks on the site 

6:30pm Gather again to investigate found materials in the Tech Salon followed by a live performance event at around 7:30/7:45pm.

Participants should come prepared for a walk around the site, waterproofs etc. There will be a sheltered space at the Tech Salon if it is wet. 12 max participants. Suitable for families. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

On Sunday visitors are welcome to drop in and  join us in the Salon to review and examine the finds from the previous day.

Strange Loop is a response to the natural phenomenon where the whole world can be found in the microcosm and vice versa. One of the famous examples of the Strange Loop paradox is the chicken or the egg – which came first? Patterns in nature appear to repeat themselves at all levels. Through creative observation of the wonders of the micro world we begin to dissolve our preconceptions of our place in the world and surrender our view of being masters of it.

Sita is an artist and performer with a background in music, physical theatre and clown. She enjoys working collaboratively on a range of projects from film, live performance, and composition.

Jamie is Glasgow based digital artist who has toured with his work nationally and internationally to countries such as Germany, Poland, Palestine and Sri Lanka. . In the past year he has worked with National Theatre of Scotland, Children’s Classic Concerts, Irish National Opera, Simon Community, Mull Theatre, Cork Midsummer Festival, Nevis Ensemble. Playwrights Studio Scotland and Unfix Festival to create a variety of film, animation and projection based designs. He has created live visuals for acts such as Basement Jaxx, Lewis Capaldi, Simple Minds, Capercaillie and for  Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party.

Sanctuary 2021. Images Bart Photography

Strange Loop is supported by Eco Art SCIO

Eco Art SCIO is delighted to be able to fund some extraordinary environmental art projects for Sanctuary 2021. We connect art, community and sustainability for environmental and social justice. By embracing the transformational power of art, we look to creatively explore ways of reconnection with the more than human world, seeking ways of opening up opportunities for human and plant flourishing based on systems driven by values other than profit. Developing stronger connections to the world around us, we invest in developing an awareness, interest and a caring attitude. This is a powerful basis for change.

We are always on the lookout for interesting art proposals that engage people with the environment and environmental issues. Contact us at