The Perennial Investment: Molly Lester

“Why go low? It is a counter-intuitive action, running against the grain of sense and the gradient of the spirit. Deliberately placing something in the underland is almost always a strategy to shield it from easy view. The underland’s difficulty of access has long made it a means of symbolising what cannot openly be said or seen…” -Robert McFarlane

In this playful and performative work, Molly invites visitors to commune with the underland through enacting ‘The Perennial Investment’: a ritualised burial inspired by the ancient phenomenon of depositing sacred objects in the ground.  Beginning at ‘The Understand’, a tent like structure devoted to the unseeable, visitors will undertake a voyage that will lead them away from the hyper-visibility and ultra scrutiny of the anthropocene and into the darkness of the underland.

Molly will be collaborating with ceramist, Cam Biddell.

Molly’s practice is centralised around the process of myth making and the interpretation and interrelation of history through the objects we leave behind. Through curating archives or assemblages of quilts, ceramic vessels and organic matter Molly weaves fictional histories which playfully blur the lines between the real and the imagined.

The Perennial Investment is supported by Eco Art SCIO

Eco Art SCIO is delighted to be able to fund some extraordinary environmental art projects for Sanctuary 2021. We connect art, community and sustainability for environmental and social justice. By embracing the transformational power of art, we look to creatively explore ways of reconnection with the more than human world, seeking ways of opening up opportunities for human and plant flourishing based on systems driven by values other than profit. Developing stronger connections to the world around us, we invest in developing an awareness, interest and a caring attitude. This is a powerful basis for change.

We are always on the lookout for interesting art proposals that engage people with the environment and environmental issues. Contact us at

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