Bellmouth Papercone – Oceanallover

Image: Brian Hartley

Bellmouth Papercone is a new work by Oceanallover exploring the relationship between speaking and listening. The design and devising processes have been made in response to commissions from the Crawick Multiverse, Sanquahar and from Christchurch Arts Festival NZ. The project puts together sculptural costume ideas and quirky, visceral performance tecniques. Shapes of expansion and collection, sounds from outside and inside, figures seen in parabolic perspectives, voices speaking the ridiculous to signify the impossible, migration of habits, seizmic upheaval, microscopic landscapes, Tom Jones, strawberries and cream, La Coucaracha, Forbidden Planet, The Tempest, John Denver. For Sanctuary we will be passing through the landscape, offering a glimpse of some ancient migration, traveling underneath the skin of the earth and through the hair of the sky.

Sonorous Place
Listening and speaking I’ve tried so hard, I’m trying still
Conversion of form or reversal of waves, a through flow
Noise nonsense stut-uttering comprehensive educationals
Where coloured sound enamorates or vitalises a decaying mind
Skeletal shifts of agitated ossicles in rictus dancing
Do not forsake me, Oh my darling, my darling wave
Raise me high between liquid and gaseous humours into a sonorous peace.
Chorus where required:
A skylark above the hill sings
Of what it sees and what it hopes;
Amongst bracken I wish for wings
And a clear, mellifluous throat.

AR 2015

 Performance commences 6pm   Oceanallover Facebook