Eternal Silence – Jamie Clements & Nick Millar

‘Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence’
Final morse code message sent by the French Navy, 1997

Eternal-SilenceA light in the night sky
A beacon pulsing on/off/on/on/on/off
An insistent interruption of the darkness
A code of light and dark, read in the beat and the binary
In an electronically ‘dark’ space, where linguistic communication is reliant on hearing alone, will we feel the urge this evening to communicate beyond our audible range?
If it is our only message, and possibly our last, what message will we send?

“Eternal Silence” is an interactive installation by Jamie Clements and Nick Millar which will invite you to send a final message via a beacon flashing morse code to the night sky. All messages are deleted once sent.

Operational during the hours of darkness