Mirror – Various artists

Circular screens that mirror each other. A place for experimental films by the river.

8pm – Midnight

Mirror Screens. Image: Alison Boyes


E215 (3:09 2013) Scott Willis
WINNER – Publica’s Clerkenwell Screen Shorts 2014
NOMINATED – Montreal Underground Film Festival 2014 Jury Prize
SELECTED for Luminous Latitude Touring programme 2015

Artist Bio: “Scott is a quiet pleasant well motivated pupil who can be relied upon to carry out any task conscientiously. He displays a sensible, mature attitude to school and has the respect and friendship of his peers. He has a good rapport with adults and has a good sense of humour and sense of fun. He lacks confidence in his abilities and is a born worrier, when he has little to worry about!” Mrs Robertson Primary 4 Teacher

Dustlight (4:08 2014)
A daydream. Floating with dust. Short video sketch, audio/music using guitar and found sounds.
Insomnium Radiorum (7:06 2013)
A meditation on loss based on ‘I Had a Dove’ by John Keats. Originally composed as a sketch for Adrians film ‘Echo Chamber’. The audio consists of manipulated voice recordings and ambient sounds recorded in various cafes.

Dustlight and Insomnium Radiorum are films by Adrian Jones. Adrian is a musician/photographer/videographer, currently based in the UK. His work has been shown across Europe and the U.S. He works with themes covering PTSD, trauma, and loss.

The first in a series of rhythmic and tonal films exploring ideas of freedom, intended to produce a visceral response in its audience.
Hans is an Assistant Director and Editor of independent feature films, shorts and music promos. He makes experimental shorts to fulfil ambitions narrative cinema does not recognise. He studied film history under the celebrated critic Raymond Durgnat

Death à Gogo (2:36 2013) Filmgruppe Chaos
Sound and Poem by Clay Gold, featuring the voice of Roy Boyd
Clay Gold is a Sound Artist from Canterbury. He has made 15 short films with Filmgruppe Chaos and is a regular collaborator with the film-maker Rosalind Fowler. He is currently working with cellist Laura Moody on a large scale theatre project called ‘Parallelist’.

Watersnood in Noord Holland (4:31 1916) France, Netherlands, Pathé Frères EYEFILM/Jean Desmet Collection, Amsterdam. Music by Yati Durant (2015) B/W, Documentary
Tripoli (4:47 1913) EYEFILM/Jean Desmet Collection, Amsterdam. Music by Yati Durant (2015) Colour, Documentary
Yati Durant is a composer, conductor and trumpeter currently lecturing at the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh.  His compositions and film scores have received many prizes from International festivals, and have been performed throughout Europe and the USA.
Tripoli and Watersnood in Noord Holland contain experimental film scores that are composed using sonic manipulations of recorded material together with electronic textures.  The films are provided courtesy of EYEFILM Amsterdam.

Yin & Yang ( 3:50 2013) Shot edited and directed by Robin Johnston

New School (2:18 2011) Damien Worth
A story of teaching and being shut down again and again
Landscape (5:39 2014) Damien Worth
An investigation into terminology and the great out (or in)doors

Reverse Lithurgy (3:49) Video Yannick Dangin Leconte. Music by Eduardo Cardoso and liketelevisionsnow.
Time Disruption Fantasies is a collaborative music and video project featuring the work of artists
Eduardo Cardoso (Portugal), liketelevisionsnow (US) and Yannick Dangin Leconte (Scotland).

Sexy (0:50 2015) Susanne Wawra
Susanne Wawra’s “Songlines” videos look at placing short song lyrics into a real life context. The choruses of popular songs are spoken and the focus is on the mouth of the speaker. It invites the viewer to read the reenacted song lyrics closely or differently. The use of the mouth makes it close and personal, at times very intimate and adds an individual interpretation of the spoken word.

Dolphin Clicks (02:46 2012) Stephen Hurrel
‘While on a field trip with marine biologists to photograph dolphins in the Moray Firth, I could hear the sound of live gunfire from a nearby army barracks”
Stephen is an artist and filmmaker based in Glasgow. He engages with ideas around nature and culture, people and place. This often results in works that explore image-sound relationships

Mutus Floris (3:42 2011) Richard Ashrowan
Composed of over 5000 photographs of wild flowers, the film explores our perceptual relationship to natural things – flowers as objects of attention, the fixing of dynamic life in symbolic thought, embodying a critique of our desire to name and categorise.

Wildless (3:15 2015) Jonny Harris
Playdead, Kev McCrae & Jonny Harris

Interferenz (1:56 2015) Oskar Fischfinger
Made for Atvia Films © 2015


The Lost Cosmonaut. Robbie Coleman & Jo Hodges. Sanctuary 2014.Image: Mike Bolam