Nightlight-2 – Unicorn Diagram

Eric Vondy – Flickr

A shadow catcher. Caught between a projector and a screen, our shadows are recorded – indefinitely layering brief moments in time. Separated from their owners, the anonymous community of shadows take on identities of their own.

(Vampires without shadows, Peter Pan and his independent shadow, Hiroshima victims’ shadows as their last record, even our free-roaming digital and social media shadows – it seems we have always known that we “can’t get them to stick on”)

We hope to provoke a cognitive disconnect by seeing a record of our existence evolve beyond our reach or control – becoming part of a larger narrative.

Clearly, we were there, but will a new context deny or enhance our past?

Unicorn Diagram is the collaborative practice of Carrie Godsiff and Johannes Meyer.In both their solo and collaborative work, investigation and challenge is key: how do your experiences and preconceptions shape your interpretation of what you perceive? And how can your trained response be short-circuited in favour of a new perspective?

Operational during the hours of darkness