ARW [Accidental Radio Waves] – Thibault Autheman

ARWaccidentalRadioWavesFrom the wilderness an invisible surge of aliasing frequency crests and modulated square waves will rush over the landscape while AM/FM radios tuned between stations will broadcast an intermittent series of cryptic signals…. ARW Accidental Radio Waves will broadcast on the FM band a composition generated by the physical data harvested on the site. A collaborative association with the artist and the forest rests at the core of the project. Light intensity, temperature variations and wind speed will be the main parameters influencing a minimalistic composition. A stream of glitches and frequencies that will be the electronic voice of the Galloway forest for the time of the event.

3pm and midnight. Dark Star Lounge

Hacking the invisible, subverting scientific models, developing the technology of uselessness are some of the directions that Thibault Autheman is following in his sound and art practice. A research initiated by the fragmented reality of technology and the urban complexity surrouding the giant megalopolis is now colonizing the space in between the inhabited world. After living for 17 years in London the artist has chosen a more nomadic approach, presenting ARW Accidental Radio Waves, an itinerant project using the specificity of the physical data present on every site to compose and improvise a sound performance.