Nujuman No Borei



An opportunity for contemporary composers, sound artists and musicians.

Sanctuary 2017 is seeking new scores for the short film ‘NIJUMAN NO BOREI (200000 PHANTOMS)’

The Genbaku Dome built in 1914 for arts and educational exhibitions was the only structure left standing in the area where the first atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. In 2007, French sculptor, painter and film director Jean-Gabriel Périot assembled a cinematic collage from hundreds of multi-format, colour and black and white photographs of different years’ of “Genbaku Dome”.

This award winning short film will be shown at Sanctuary 2017 (23rd -24th September) on continuous loop at our outdoor screening site by the river, with the sound transmitted to wireless headphones. The Sanctuary Curators would like to explore this extraordinary experimental work by programming a series of new scores by contemporary composers, artists and musicians.

The new scores played in sequence will allow for deeper and more nuanced investigations into the form, content and concept of the film.

Link to the film

This opportunity is open to anyone from anywhere who is interested in film / sound. Adaptations of existing work accepted.

The Nijuman No Borei re-score project is enthusiastically supported by the director and producers of the film. There is no fee offered for this project but all contributors will be acknowledged on the Sanctuary website and will be promoted in the lead up to the event. We hope that the project is exciting enough to draw interest and contributions in the spirit of experimentation. The new sound work will be premiered at Sanctuary and all contributors are invited to experience the work live.

If you are interested in participating, please e mail us at

We will make a high resolution version of the film available to you. Your new score in the form of an audio file should be sent to us by September 11th. The score will only be heard at Sanctuary 2017 and will not be available in public after that date unless agreed with you.