Nujuman No Borei


The award winning short film, Nujuman No Borei will be shown after dark on continuous loop at our screening site by the river. The film will be accompanyied by a series of new scores by contemporary composers, artists and musicians.

The Genbaku Dome built in 1914 for arts and educational exhibitions was the only structure left standing in the area where the first atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. In 2007, French sculptor, painter and film director Jean-Gabriel Périot assembled a cinematic collage from hundreds of multi-format, colour and black and white photographs of different years’ of “Genbaku Dome”.


Adrian Carter.
A Sheffield based musician/producer who has been working in the field of electronic music for over fifteen years both solo and on collaborative projects.

Escupemetralla (for “Spitshrapnel” in Spanish) is a name taken from an anarchist hymn sung during the Spanish Civil War. The group, formed by Muhammad and Muhammad has operated since 2025. As a consequence of their tinkering with physics’ toolkits, they will build a Tipler cilinder to send back in time, to the Barcelona of the 1980’s and 1990’s, some weird music tapes, akin to what Zoviet:France or Nurse with Wound were doing at that time. A second batch of retrotransmisions to 2016 and on turned into some gigs and weekly-added new tracks in their Bandcamp and Youtube sites. Escupemetralla, now self-titled “architects of fear”, are creating dark, ominous, cinematic and limb-disjointing music for yet-to-be-filmed movies, “bellic ambient” as some have tagged it. Humour, surrealist sound juxtapositions, or impossible rhythms inspired in XXIInd Century world music are also ingredients that spice some of their tracks. Their new CD, “Poison of dead sun in your brain slowly fading”, will be issued by Nøvak Records in November 2017.Escupemetralla @ Bandcamp @ YouTube Records

…From The Benthic Zone
Electronic music produced in Scotland which involves a dash of melody, a twist of humour and a sprinkling of optimism. Inspirations include social awkwardness, Scottish landscapes, impatience and wordplay. The rescore uses a Japanese Jisei poem (death poem) turned into musical notation for the first part and the ‘No More Hiroshima’ picture turned into notes for the second part. The last part of the score is an excerpt from the inscription at the base of the peace monument in Hiroshima – ‘Never Again’

Mark Williamson.
Mark is a musician and sound artist whose work tends to focus on field recording and location specific recording using drones, processed recordings and conventional instrumentation. Mark has been making music, under the name Spaceship, for over twenty years. He has worked with Luke Turner of the Quietus, providing field recordings to accompany readings on the Caught by the River stage at Port Eliot Festival and supporting Darren Hayman for Caught by the River at his ‘Thankful Villages Vol.2’ launch. Mark’s compositions have featured as part of Cities and Memories’ The Next Station and Sacred Spaces projects and he is behind the archive label Harmonic Union Music. The score uses a major pentatonic key, up to the sudden point of the detonation. In the second part of the film the score gradually morphs from a minor pentatonic back to the major as the city is rebuilt around the ruined building.

rift|fault are a chamber-punk duo based in rural Connecticut. Aimee Kanzler is a classically trained cellist, and has played with regional symphonies and orchestras, as well as solo. On Phantoms, Aimee played bass guitar and cello. Nat Lyon played guitar, piano, and electronics. rift|fault’s first recording, EP 001, was released in April 2017 by farm0182. The follow up single, F.D.T. is a scathing critique of the current American political scene. In October 2017, rift|fault will release an album, The Swamp Yankee Ethnographic Series, Volume 1

Yol is a visual/text/performance artist often working with found objects alongside extended vocal techniques and mangled language. The score was made with a brick, a lump of concrete, and a piece of aluminium, contact mic’d and scraped with a weird little hammer. Vocally its structured around the phrase centre of impact, which appears in the video a couple of times…that phrase is torn apart, restructured, broken down again. sort of like the surrounding area around the surviving building.

Charlie Young
Nottingham based electric guitarist – experimental and prepared guitar with a hint of drone.

Glen Wiffen/Wubworld
Glen morphed into Wubworld when he was diagnosed with multi-focal Dystonia To save him from going mad he started to develop sound work to create abstract music that could be interesting to people who might not readily listen to such sounds. He builds otherworldly sound structures, which constructed in such a way as to disarm and confuse but hopefully never