Sanctuary 2021:SPOOR is coming to life with all the artists in place.

We invite you to discover adventurous, participatory artworks that uncover layers of place through participatory investigations, performance and sound. SPOOR focusses on exploring the site to discover artworks that are dispersed, camouflaged and need to be tracked and uncovered.

Please note: This year Sanctuary is a day/early evening event. Facilities will be minimal so please bring everything you need to keep warm, dry, fed and watered. Please see the information under the Sanctuary 2021 drop down menu.

Image: Seth Tisue

Sanctuary’s signature neon installation, Enclosure, last year attracted hundreds of bats. Freda Seddon from Dumfries and Galloway Bat Group will lead  a walk to the installation for a sonic experience using bat detectors to tune into the echolocation calls of the bats as they swoop over the installation catching insects. This really is a unique experience and not to be missed.

Meet 7.30pm at Murray’s monument Car Park

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Please note there is no access to the high voltage neon installation unless in an accompanied group.

Alec Star (GlowB Below)[6]We’re very pleased to announce two new interactive works coming to Sanctuary. John Wallace and Graham Rooney will be joining us with Entropy Lure, a work that uses live video projection and vintage and cutting edge thermographic cameras to reveal the heat signature of our vital energy as it dissipates into the universe.

Unicorn Diagragm will also joining us with Nightlight – 2 . A shadow catcher. Caught between a projector and a screen, our shadows are recorded – indefinitely layering brief moments in time. Separated from their owners, the anonymous community of shadows take on identities of their own.

Both these experimental works will take place during the hours of darkness and we’re very much looking forward to experiencing them.

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Broken 20Three commissions have been announced for Sanctuary 2015 funded by Alt-w. We would like to commission innovative work experimenting with light / dark. We’d particularly like to explore ‘electronic darkness’, identity, privacy and culture.