Viridian Skies – Night Photography Workshop

Viridian Skies – Night Photography Workshop

9pm. Meet at The Dark Star Lounge

Aurora over LauvsnesDuring the hours between dusk and dawn, Viridian Skies run workshops inspired by the clear night skies of the Galloway Dark Sky Park. These hours hold a huge amount of creative potential; the light available exists in different temperatures and quantities, the necessity for long exposures increases focus on moving objects and camera movements, external light sources can be introduced to produce interesting results.

During The Night Photography Workshop you will learn how to tap into some of this creative potential. Cameras and tripods are recommended. The light painting activity also enables those without kit to get involved.Taking inspiration from cosmic events such as star birth, the workshop will also explore the creative possibilities of light painting to visually represent these celestial phenomena. Jesse and Helen (Viridian Skies) will also be available throughout the weekend to answer any questions about night photography.

To help Viridian Skies with planning, if you wish to attend the workshop, please could you register HERE