Cyborgs, Sexbots and Sexual Intimacy – Viv Kuh. 9.30pm

Cyborgs, Sexbots and Sexual Intimacy – Viv Kuh

9.30pm The Dark Inside Venue

In this talk, Viv Kuh will explore the ethics of sex and intimacy, and how they can help us frame the technological shifts in sex culture. Who is driving this technology forwards, and how are they approaching the ethical dimension of the culture they are constructing? Where does consent play in to the pursuit of sex with non-human entities? What does all this mean for human-human sex and intimacy?

Vivienne Kuh works in public engagement at the UK University of Bristol. Raised on a solid diet of 1950s science fiction, she studied philosophy and has spent her career working at the cutting edge of arts and immersive technologies. She is fascinated by the way that humans engage and form relationships with technology and more recently her interests have turned to the ethical implications of our relationship with robotics, both now and in the rapidly approaching future.

The talk will cover aspects of sex, intimacy and violence and will not be suitable for children.

There are limited seats in the venue, please arrive in good time