Operational Art 101 – James Wallbank. 8.30pm

8.30pm The Dark Inside Venue

A disturbing but essential insight into Russian military doctrine, with particular interest for information warriors. While artists and educators may feel uncomfortable about characterising culture as conflict, be assured that their opponents, peddlers of nostalgic fantasy and engineered disinformation, do not.

10pm. Fireside Conversation

A discussion of the peculiarly self-contradictory, dual nature of digital networks, that seem, simultaneously, to connect and disconnect, to relocalise and to centralise, to inform and to confuse, to promote democracy and to undermine it.

James Wallbank’s practice combines technological, social and environmental concerns. He’s particularly interested in unorthodox methodologies that re-empower marginalised individuals and communities. He founded Redundant Technology Initiative, an arts group working exclusively with trash technology and free, open source software and Access Space, a recycled digital media lab with an open-door policy. He’s also a founding partner of Makers, a high-street shop that makes use of digital manufacture and craft skills to create an independent, local platform for art, craft and design.

There are limited seats in the venue, please arrive in good time