Sanctuary 2017 – Call out for ideas

BrokenLight. Broken20. Image: Alison Boyes
BrokenLight. Broken20. Image: Alison Boyes

Call out for ideas for labs, hacks, experiments, talks, walks, workshops, participatory artworks, games and investigations for Sanctuary 2017

We’re looking for ideas that explore any of the following… light, dark, remoteness, networks, place, senses, technology, environment, being present in an unconnected place.

The site is remote, not just from population centres but also from communication and power networks.  This remoteness gives artists and visitors the space to consider both the environment and the absence of pervasive contemporary technologies.

Sanctuary takes place on September 23rd and 24th. At this stage we are looking for outline ideas. We hope be able to provide funds to bring selected ideas to Sanctuary. The finances on offer to support successful submissions will be confirmed at a later date.

Please note Sanctuary is off grid so there are practical limitations on the use of power. Sanctuary takes place in a Dark Skies Park so visible light should be kept to a minimum.

Please send ideas ASAP – by 10th Feb at latest to