Sanctuary 2021:SPOOR is coming to life with all the artists in place.

We invite you to discover adventurous, participatory artworks that uncover layers of place through participatory investigations, performance and sound. SPOOR focusses on exploring the site to discover artworks that are dispersed, camouflaged and need to be tracked and uncovered.

Please note: This year Sanctuary is a day/early evening event. Facilities will be minimal so please bring everything you need to keep warm, dry, fed and watered. Please see the information under the Sanctuary 2021 drop down menu.

Enclosure. Robbie Coleman. Image Alison Boyes

23rd / 24th September

Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park
Talnotry, Nr Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway DG8 7BL

Deeper              –             Darker
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First artists announced:

‘Sing the Gloaming’  –  Simon Kirby | Tommy Perman | Rob St John
‘24hr Community Composition’  – David Bloor
‘Lionra: Spun Tales, Tangled Webs’ – Ruaridh Law, Eleanor Thomson and David Donnelly
‘Cut Adrift’ –  Mark Haddon
‘White Mill’  – Mark Zygadlo
‘Hide (night moves)’  – Natalie Marr
“Prototype IV, bicycle photosynthesis”  – Lucien Anderson
“Telemetry”  – Yann Seznec
“Listen very carefully for I shall tell you this only once” – Neale Willis
‘Will o The Wisp’  – Martin O’Neil
‘Dark Heart of Cepheus’  – Rachel Rosen
‘Confiding  Dark’ – David Borthwick I Kirstin McMahon
‘Tenebrous – Into the Darkness Beneath the Light’ –  John Bowers I Alan Smith
Concursum Photographic Collective

Plus The Dark Outside FM :

More artists, talks and family workshops to be announced soon.
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Looking forward to seeing you in September.

forbiddenplanet-spaceshipWell we couldnt just sit about and do nothing this year, so we’re doing this ….

An evening exploring darkness, space and technology; film screening, virtual reality experience, fireside discussion & star-gazing walk

Join us for an outdoor screening of the classic 1950’s science fiction movie Forbidden Planet. Following the film, take part in a fireside discussion on technology; past, present and future and experience the latest virtual reality technology or take a journey into darkness on a guided night-time star-walk.

23rd Sept at Talnotry, the Sanctuary site

Centaurus A is a bright galaxy about 13 million light years from Earth. The image is a composite of optical, millimetre and X-ray observations

We’re pleased to announce that Professor Martin Hendry will be joining us at Sanctuary and giving his fascinating talk “More Than Meets the Eye”, taking us on a journey through the unseen cosmos. Modern astronomy is about much more than the light our eyes can see: celestial objects emit light across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from gamma rays to radio waves. Exploring this spectrum reveals a violent and awe-inspiring cosmos of exploding stars, colliding galaxies, even the fading echoes of the Big Bang itself.

Martin will also be leading a stargazing walk, a guided tour of Galloway’s night skies, exploring the fascinating science behind familiar planets, stars and constellations.

Martin Hendry is Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology at the University of Glasgow, where he is also currently Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy. Martin is a passionate enthusiast for public engagement in astronomy and was until recently a “Science in Society” Fellow for the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland’s National Academy, and in 2015 was awarded the MBE for services to public understanding of science.

More information :

Talk 8pm. Stargazing walk 10pm. (These are provisional times, please check the programme nearer the event)


Broken 20Three commissions have been announced for Sanctuary 2015 funded by Alt-w. We would like to commission innovative work experimenting with light / dark. We’d particularly like to explore ‘electronic darkness’, identity, privacy and culture.